Max Doyle is an accomplished Australian photographer, whose name is synonymous with striking fashion imagery and delicate portraiture. 

In his long-established career, Max has worked between London, New York and Australia, and has captured the faces of many well known performers, including Billie Eilish, Emily Ratajkowski, Travis Scott and Margot Robbie.

Max draws from a vast range of creative inspirations, and he is able to produce expertly tailored campaigns for any client, as seen in his broad portfolio which includes commercial campaigns for Country Road, Cotton On, Alice McCall, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, Lee Jeans, Pandora and Supre.

As well as being a constant contributor to Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Bazaar Man and Oyster, among others, Max is the founder and editor-in-chief of Doingbird Magazine, an independent art and photography magazine, which is loved and respected for its unguarded approach to culture, fashion and celebration of freedom.